Non-greasy feel, light feeling, smooth – our skin care products allow you to create formulations that offer smooth coverage, easy dispersion, and which can deliver your actives exactly where they should go.


We offer the most comprehensive and extensive range of specialty raw materials designed for all hair care applications. Shampoo surfactants, natural and green surfactants, conditioner cationic quaternaries, cationic polymers and shine serums are just a few of our key product categories.

Let us provide your formulation answers for creating clean, soft, controlled, naturally shiny hair.


You will be "in-style" with our unique raw materials developed for today's styling fashion. Whether you are looking for hard or soft hold, our polymers and resins formulate products that "hold" everyone's attention.


Add a little color to you day. Whether you want matte or shine, or that deep, rich, long-lasting color in your cosmetics – our specialty ingredients will help your products stand out.


Products specifically designed for those intimate times. We offer a vast array of silicone based lubricants and self-warming fluids that instantly warm upon contact with moisture – for intimate products, massage oils and lotions, our specialty silicones will warm up your sales!


Our product line will definitely protect you when formulating today's sun care products. Organic, inorganic active sunscreen absorbers, film forms and pigment disperserants. We have an umbrella of functional unique raw materials to get you out in the sun. Our specialty ingredients allow you to create the perfect sun care product for your customers.


Everyone wants products that leave skin feeling silky smooth but not oily. We have ingredients to help you whip up the perfect cream, lotion, or gel. We also have a line of self-warming fluids that instantly warm upon contact with moisture – great for shaving and body care.